Root Canals

Therapy to save your tooth and restore your smile.

Endodontics (Root Canals)

Removing infection for a healthier tooth and a healthier you.
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Root canals have the reputation of being a painful dental procedure. However at Eleven Eleven Dental, we like to be different, so we use modern technology and advanced skill to make your root canal pain-free. Our restorative dentists make sure you are comfortable at all times and can offer sedation options if required.

So, why might you need root canal therapy? The most common cause is when the inside of your tooth becomes infected due to severe decay or trauma. If the infection is not removed, it can lead to pain, sensitivity, and even tooth loss. The procedure can be completed in a single visit and the recovery time is minimal.

When you visit our dentist in Port Angeles for a root canal, you know you are in good hands. We treat every patient like family, which means we explain every step of the treatment, answer your questions, and make you feel comfortable.

Successful root canals are long lasting and are a conservative way to save the natural structure of your tooth. You’ll feel real benefits after you have experienced this fast and efficient procedure.

Learn more about how root canals are performed and the benefits below.

our two Eleven-Eleven dental assistants smiling outside in front of the sea
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Root Canal Therapy

What are the ins and outs of this restorative procedure?
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Comprehensive Exam

To begin, your experienced dentist assesses your tooth for damage, infection, and any other issues. If there is a need for a root canal, then we will break down the treatment so you understand each step and we’ll answer all of your questions.

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Clean & Disinfect

We prep you for a root canal by numbing the tooth and the surrounding area. Your Port Angeles dentist uses special tools to clean away any decay and then removes the infection from the inside of the tooth (the pulp). He or she then reshapes the root canal to get it ready for a special resin.

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Seal & Protect

After the infection has been cleared away, your restorative dentist fills the remaining space with a special resin. This solidifies your tooth structure acting much like a regular dental filling. Your tooth is then restored to its natural function with a tooth-colored filling or crown to blend in with your smile.

I have had a very positive experience with Eleven Eleven Dental. I am visiting PA and had a dental emergency. They fit me into their schedule and the entire staff was so nice to me. Dr. Carlile was so nice and professional. He made me feel so comfortable and confident in him. I’m so happy I found them.
Patricia Bauer
Patricia Bauer
15:18 13 Sep 18
1111 Dental has always given me and my family wonderful dental services. I have enjoyed getting to know new faces, Chelsea the Hygenist n particular! Such a sweetheart who made sure I was comfortable during my recent cleaning. Especially being able to depend on Cathy of the front office for her wonderful warm welcome each visit, and her smile along with asking about my little grands. Such personal service ~ much appreciated!!! ❤️
Diane Gaydeski
Diane Gaydeski
22:13 29 Jul 18
The staff at eleven eleven dental are all super friendly and helpful. I've had a lot of dental work done and Dr. Carlile is so patient and explains everything he's going to be doing. I've been to other dentist in town but I wont go anywhere else after coming here.
christina driscoll
christina driscoll
17:20 26 Jul 18
We have been coming here for 2 years now and we absolutely love it! There is a train track play area for little kids, however wait time is never that long. Also all the rooms are uniquely decorated with lots of fun things to look at. I have an 18 month old, 3 year old, and 6 year old, and all of them have done great here and are treated well. We have had experience with lots of the dental assistants/hygienists and they all have done a great job cleaning, are friendly, and knowledgeable, including the two dentists. They are also very easy to work with regarding insurance/ billing/ making appointments. The location is pretty stellar too-
Amanda Kiddle
Amanda Kiddle
04:04 26 Jun 18
I had the most wonderful experience at Eleven Eleven Dental. Dr. Carlile and his staff were incredibly friendly, gentle and thorough. They made what is usually an unpleasant appointment, a rather enjoyable one. Can't thank them enough for their compassion and humor. And I have to mention the stunning view of the Strait - what a treat! Happy to have found such a great dental office.
Kristin Hnat
Kristin Hnat
00:55 18 Jul 18
Absolutely love Eleven Eleven Dental! Every time we go we get treated like family.
Kira Kenton
Kira Kenton
00:15 08 Feb 19
Dental Hygienist, Chelsea, is amazing! I have receding gums and nerve sensitivity and she is very understanding and makes cleanings as painless as possible. I don’t dread getting my teeth cleaned anymore! Dr. Carlisle is also great and gentle and explains everything very thoroughly.
A Miskovic
A Miskovic
21:21 25 Feb 19
Knowledgeable, friendly staff and a great experience.
Cathy Lear
Cathy Lear
22:21 26 Feb 19
The best staff they make u feel very comfortable
Kevin Douglas
Kevin Douglas
18:06 27 Feb 19
Every one is so nice and they do great work!
Seth Mann
Seth Mann
00:50 05 Mar 19
I just had my first visit on Friday & I was so impressed with everyone at the clinic! Dr. Carlile & Emily were so great! I have definitely found my new dentist!
summer mann
summer mann
04:16 05 Mar 19
Effective & Painless

Root canals like you never thought possible.

Our two assistants treating a simple endodontics to a female patient

Nowadays root canals are as routine as a dental filling and can be performed with very little discomfort (if any!). However, the benefits are amazing as your infected tooth can be returned to its former glory. You’ll be back to eating your favorite foods and smiling for selfies in no time!

Here are a few benefits of a successful root canal:

  • Restores chewing and bite functionality

  • Removes infection and pain

  • Maintains your natural appearance

  • Preserves your natural tooth

  • Protects your tooth from future dental problems

The aftercare for this procedure is very simple – you just need to adhere to a solid daily hygiene routine. Through brushing and flossing you can prevent future root canal treatment and maintain a healthy smile.

Conservative Restorative Care

Saving your tooth with root canal therapy in Port Angeles, WA.