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Welcome Back!
Hello everyone! Just a little update since we were gone. While we were on shutdown for almost 2 months, we remained open on an emergency basis. Dr.... read more
Summer Fun Despite COVID
COVID-19 has hampered a lot of summer plans!  Like many of you, we at Eleven Eleven Dental have had various vacations altered.  While there is still... read more
Save or Extract a Problem Tooth
For a dentist, there are very few things that are harder to decide than whether to save or remove a problem tooth.  Losing a tooth can potentially... read more
Festivals on the Peninsula
As winter’s chilling cold gives way to spring showers and sunshine, it’s hard not to get excited about summertime on the Olympic Peninsula.  Even... read more
Oh Floss How I Hate You So!!!
Oh Floss How I Hate You So!!! Flossing is probably not on anyone’s top 10 list of “Favorite Things to Do” and we get that. So why does your... read more
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